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Class Dates


All classes are offered on a monthly basis, with payment due by the 1st of the month. Any payments more than 7 days overdue will incur a £10 admin fee. Classes will run 39 weeks of the year, alongside school terms. Generally, we stop classes through school holidays and optional Half term camp classes will be available to book into, which are discounted for our members. Sometimes the school will be unavailable to book, which we’ll advise you before the start block of lessons.


Annual Membership Fee

(British Gymnastics & Inspire Trampoline Academy)


The compulsory British Gymnastics and Inspire Trampoline Academy fees are explained below. These are paid annually (September) by all gymnasts, coaches, and officials. For members joining part way through the year, these are still payable and then will fall in line with the rest of the club once the new September classes start.


Inspire Trampoline Academy is proud to be a part of our National Governing Body British Gymnastics and affiliated with London Gymnastics. It is compulsory for all coaches and gymnasts to be a member of British Gymnastics to ensure safety. The membership year runs yearly and is an annual fee, due at the start of the September classes. Your child only needs to affiliate once with British Gymnastics, this can be used at different clubs.


The annual membership fee for 2020 is:

Recreational Gymnasts - £35

Class Costs


Lessons are priced at £29.50 per month for a 1-hour class. Upon joining you pay for the rest of the month, plus the £35 Annual Membership Fee.


For the 2nd month (and each month thereafter), you pay the class fees only. Following your initial payment of the annual membership fee (currently £35), this would become due again in September each year. If you would like to attend more than one class a discount applies for multiple hours per discipline.

Fees are payable 11-months per year (Sept - July) No fees are due for August. We use Love Admin for our membership platform and GoCardless for invoice processing where fees are payable by Direct Debit.


Waiting List


We will be extending our availability, so please join our Waiting List, so that we can contact you when we release further classes.

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