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Welcome to Inspire Trampoline Academy, as well as offering face-face sessions we also have an online offer via Google Classroom. Each week we will upload videos, coaching resources and challenges for you to complete to help you to continue to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in trampolining.  We have put the content for our first week on our webpage to give you an insight to what this involves.  This week we would encourage you to have a look at some of the activities we have already uploaded and if you want to have a go at some of the challenges. Once you have signed up to your sessions we will allocate you to an online class on Google Classroom and you will receive new content each week.

Please note we have a wide range of ages at Inspire, some of the videos / articles that we post might seem too old / too young for you. Please feel free to choose the activities that you feel suit you best and you are welcome to come back to them at any point. You do not have to do all the activities but when you do, your coaches will discuss these with you and use them to help you improve your trampoline performance. Please make sure that an adult is supervising any activity that you doing at home to ensure you are doing it safely.

There are three topics on our online system, conditioning, mindset and self-care.  Your coach will discuss their expectations for your conditioning at home,

Conditioning - 1- Whole Body Cardio

If you want to improve your skills you need to build your strength and flexibility.  One of the best ways of doing this is conditioning exercises, which all our squads do at club.  However for it to be really effective you need to participate in regular conditioning sessions so each week we will set you tasks to complete at home.

Self-Care - 1

Each week we will focus on different things that can help improve how we take care of ourselves so that our bodies and minds are ready to trampoline to our maximum potential. This week we are only asking you to find out about ways you could take care of your well-being. We are also asking you to think and talk about it with your family, fellow gymnasts and coaches. You might want to post a picture of a healthy meal that you have eaten this week in the class feed, you might want to give a fellow trampolinist a compliment on a skill they have performed or phone a friend to help you to connect with others. Have a look below for some more ideas. As always we would encourage you to complete a journal entry on areas that you want to focus upon. You may choose to share it with a parent or someone who looks after you. If you have any questions you are also welcome to talk to your coaches about this. You may choose to use the Google Form or journal if you want to.

There are 5 resources for this lesson

Mindset -  1

Have a look at this video about Bryony Page, the first British person to win a medal for trampoline at the Olympics.  She hasn't always found trampolining easy.  As you return to training after the long gap of lockdown we would like to invite you to begin to keep a journal of the things that you have found challenging and what areas you think you need to focus upon.  You could either complete this form or write/draw your ideas in a handwritten form or upload a photo.  Your coaches will use your feedback to discuss any hopes or worries you might have in your sessions.


There are 5 resources for this lesson

How to sign up

You can sign up to our online programme by emailing

This is included for all of our squad members, if you cannot access your google account please email

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